TSP CH Praslin's Azaro of Awesome Bengals NQ

Azaro has got awesome rosettes and a awesome purrrsonality. He will sit on your lap and purr the whole day. He glitters from head to toe.  He is fabulous!
Thank you Nikoletta!

Sire:  Anjali Titanic Seducer
Dam:  Azanabengal's from Canada with Love

DBL SC Kanpur Zanuko of Awesome Bengals NQ BW

Zanuko is our new stud from Kanpur.  I have no words to describe this
boy.....Awesome becomes him, and he has the personality to match his good looks.
He was totally worth the wait.  Thank you Carl and Diana! He is Awesomely Perfect!!!

Sire: Bengalive Without Words of Kanpur

Dam:  Elysor Femme Fatale of Kanpur

  CH Benberry Maverick of Awesome Bengals

Maverick is everything and more we were hoping for.  He is PERFECT in every sense of the word.  Thank you so much Olga!!!

Sire: Oasisbengals Batrudinov of BenBerry

Dam: BenBerry BoheMia